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GSX1100 engine posters

Once upon a time, Suzuki turned out amazing showroom posters of their engines and other engineering feats which they wanted to show off — and rightly so! Some time ago, I managed to buy one such poster of Suzuki's GSX1100 engine. Rare as hens' teeth, and it's huge: close to 'A0' size, ie. 1030mm x 730mm.

I have had the poster reproduced at a smaller A3 size. (Yes, I did have it done as A1 and A2 sizes also, but it was a lot of trouble and cost for me to get them printed, so I only ended up breaking-even. Sadly, it just won't be worth my while to get any more of the larger sizes printed.)

So, A3 size it is — 297 x 420mm, and laminated! — and each poster will cost you AU$10. Postage to your part of the world will of course be extra; to place an order or make enquiries.

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Landbridge Motorcycle Imports

— — pssssst, are you in Australia and you wanna buy a low kms Japanese import motorcycle?! David of Landbridge does exactly that. Latest shipment (August 2008) inludes pristine 80's BMWs, a yummy GPz1000RX, a lovely little Moto Guzzi, and the rest. And here's a photo of the latest batch leaving Japan. if you want to talk business.



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