Suzuki GS1000G (1981)

Spotted by my eagle-eyed partner in crime Pete, this GS1000G had been sitting in a shed for about a decade up Geraldton way. Trailered it back to Perth in early April 2017, and set to work right away.

Unlike my last 2-wheeled project, this one was pretty-much complete... but suffering from a fair bit of surface corrosion and the stuff that happens when any machine sits around for 10 years doing nothing. After about 2 month's sourcing parts, refurbishing umpteen items, and finally popping on a fresh pair of tyres, the 'Thundering Zucchini' was ready to face 'The Man with the Clipboard'.

Try as he might, he couldn't find a single thing wrong -- which usually means they'll keep looking until they *find* something wrong. But uncharacteristically he was a reasonable bloke, and all was well. Forked out for the ever-increasingly exhorbitant rego. fee, and scarpered off into the rainy afternoon.

Here's what's had to be done to get it to this point (in no particular order):

  • Total clean-out of carburetors, rebuild kits installed
  • New engine oil & filter; fresh gear oil for shaft drive
  • Cleaned and repainted the exhaust system
  • Installed a 'Uni' foam air filter
  • Starter clutch fixed (old one had sheared and broken the 3 mounting bolts).
  • New rubber inlet manifolds
  • Sourced new ignition lock and tank cap
  • Repaired dent in tank
  • Reconditioned the cam chain tensioner
  • New seat cover
  • Cleaned, checked and repaired the wiring loom
  • Cleaned out and refurbished fuel tap
  • After-market front brake master cylinder and lever
  • Cleaned out and serviced starter motor
  • Front brake caliper kits (seals, piston boots, & pistons)
  • Rear brakes cleaned and repaired
  • New steering head bearings
  • Replaced the front fork tubes (originals bent)
  • Rebuilt the front forks (cleaned out, new seals, damping oil)
  • Sump cleaned out
  • Correct sump plug installed ('original' was a 1.5mm pitch thread graunched into the 1.25mm thread)
  • Repaired stripped spark plug thread on #2 cylinder
  • New tank support cushion
  • New pair of tyres
  • Side grab handle sourced and installed
  • Cleaned and painted front fork yoke cover & emblem
  • New pair of ignition coils
  • New spark plugs, plug leads and caps
  • Carbs balanced
  • Minor tuning (main jets up to #125's, jet needles raised a notch, pilot air screws 7/8 turns out)
  • New handlebar grips
  • Cleaned up the rear shock absorbers
  • Serviced and repaired the tachometer
  • Cleaned and painted front mudgard
  • Replaced cracked indicator lens
  • Put together a tool kit

Kind of an exhausting little list when you lay it all out like that!

If I decide to keep the machine, it will get a pair of new rear shock absorbers and maybe a stainless steel exhaust system to boot. But let's get some kms on the clock before we get carried away. ;-)

* * * * *

19 July 2017
Sorted out a gnarly, persistent problem with the carburetion on the GS1000G, and I share it here because whether you've got a 1000S or a 1000G or indeed any Jap bike with breather tubes for the carbies, then you may well encounter the same problem!

Basically whenever I approached 90kph or higher on the freeway, after about 5-10 seconds the engine would start hesitating and losing a bit of power. Yes you could wind the throttle on more, but it still retained that 'hesitant' surging kind of behaviour, instead of smoothly holding its speed.

After a few rides, I began to notice that whenever I moved into the wake of a truck or van, the problem would disappear! This could mean two things. First, that with a touch of load on the throttle from the wind resistance, the carburetion wasn't right -- probably lean. But raising the jet needles 1/2 a notch made no difference, and at lower speeds there was no hesitation with light throttle. Hmm.

There was another possibility which I had read about on other forums, but never encountered myself. Namely, that at higher speeds either a vacuum or a pocket of higher pressure develops near the ends of the carburetor breather tubes/ outlets. This in turn affects the fuel mixture. To fix the problem, you simply need to change the location of the outlets, so that they sit in a still or steady pocket of air behind the carburetors (or wherever).

So, noting that the breather tubes were quite long (I'm not sure if they were original length or not), I trimmed about 5" off each one. And TA-DAAAAAAAA, problem gone!


* * * * *

6 Dec. 2023
Well, got home from over 2 years away overseas (Peru), all psyched-up to get at least the GS1000G re-registered before heading back for another 2-year stint. Soon after getting back I wandered into the garage... and it was like entering Tutankhamen's tomb: dust and cobwebs galore but, as Howard Carter said when peering in, "I see wonderful things..."

I also saw confusing things. For there, sitting on the 1000G, was a document -- an inspection report, no less! What the... and when I finally found the date on it -- 5 December, the very day before! -- the penny finally dropped: my mongrel mates had been up to something! Barschtados!! With my wife Kezz as accomplice, they had hatched a dastardly plot to get the bike readied and inspected before we got back. A WhatsApp secret group had been convened by arch-fiend Warwick (aka War, Wart, Wartsack, Herr Veganpawz, Herr Hodensack -- just a few of many choice appellations) and -- well, why don't we let the actual chat do the talking...

30/10/23, 6:15pm - You created group "Don't tell Mikey!!"
30/10/23, 7:36pm - Troy L: What are we not telling Mikey, War?
30/10/23, 7:50pm - Warwick: Gentlemens - I have had a brainwave. An idea so cunning that it would take one of Trumpy Boy's lawyers to conjure up! Seeing as how our favourite God botherer Mikey is coming home and, aside from all the bothering of the poor bloody Peruvians, he has probably done some very good work there - let's surprise him by finding out which of his dastardly Zooks he plans to resurrect and (this is the tricky part) GET IT DONE FOR HIM! Now, in hindsight (I was cooking dinner when I thought of this), getting an aged, Mikey maintained Suzuki out its slumber and past a rego inspection may not be that easy - so I'm thinking that perhaps a "fighting" fund to help Mikey do this might be a good alternative. What say ye Knights of the Rotund Tummies??
30/10/23, 7:51pm - Troy L: I'm up for that!
30/10/23, 7:52pm - Warwick: Oh... I know where the keys are too... Nyuk nyuk...
30/10/23, 7:52pm - Troy L: So do I!
30/10/23, 7:53pm - Warwick: Ha ha! He's such a dumb arse, imagine trusting us with that knowledge...
30/10/23, 7:54pm - Troy L: I have a bike trailer and can get whichever dastardly piece of Suzuki wreckage chosen transported to a secure location..
30/10/23, 7:54pm - Troy L: I know right? So gullible..
30/10/23, 7:54pm - Warwick: Excellent, I see Pete is typing, we need his expertise in resurrection of the beast!
30/10/23, 7:55pm - Pete W: I don't know where the keys are, but i know where it's parked. Im up for helping where I can
30/10/23, 7:57pm - Warwick: I believe we have a quorum? I think this is a go? All we need is the man who it's rumoured was the inspiration for the triple breasted whore of Erotica III to be our "inside" non binary Mikey whisperer... We'll need Kez onside to make this happen too
30/10/23, 7:57pm - Warwick: I'm talking about PA of course...
30/10/23, 7:57pm - Troy L: Well Pete - you are the only person I know that understands the Rev's penchant for jury rigged ironmongery better than anyone..
30/10/23, 8:01pm - Pete W: Knowing Mike, he would have drained the carbs so there shouldn't be fuel build-up, but the seals may have dried up which means a carb strip down anyway.
30/10/23, 8:08pm - Warwick: Excellent! Although the thought of Mikey's nads drenched in high octane fuel does sound kind of good...
@PA - are you able to get Kez onside so we can spirit the bike away? I'm pretty sure he told us in the other chat which one he wants to resurrect. As long as we don't get the Jag motor I guess we're okay
30/10/23, 8:11pm - Pete W: I'm happy to bring the bike to my place. We could have a group session in the shed getting it ready for the man with a clipboard.
30/10/23, 8:12pm - Warwick: Yes! Another excellent idea! Although it's a double edged sword... Too many good things in your shed Pete
30/10/23, 8:13pm - Pete W: Do you mean the bar ?
30/10/23, 8:17pm - Warwick: Don't start!
30/10/23, 8:17pm - Troy L: Party at Pete's!
31/10/23, 12:11am - Paul A: Im going to tell Kezza on you guys. i'm gunna snitch! No Bikey 4 Mikey
31/10/23, 12:14am - Paul A: the mere suggestion he was going to throw the leg over the Andean Spagbog, generated laser eyes
31/10/23, 6:54am - Warwick: Excellent PA! That's exactly what we need done. Get her to tell the girls we're coming and are mostly friendly. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation
31/10/23, 7:30am - Warwick: Also find out when they're back. I think he said a coupla weeks ago it was 6 weeks to go?
31/10/23, 7:30am - Paul A: i'm dobbing
31/10/23, 8:18am - Geoff: I'm happy to help where I can. Hopeless with spanners though! Let me know what I can do. Fabulous plan gents. He will love it.
31/10/23, 8:21am - Paul A: Gents this is thing i have been the parts mule for ....
31/10/23, 8:21am - Paul A: [Media omitted -- but here he refers to the Fairlane project]
31/10/23, 8:22am - Paul A: is this typical of the Mad Vicar's Machinery?
31/10/23, 8:35am - Troy L: Its actually in better shape than most of his machinery..
31/10/23, 8:40am - Paul A: Mikey arrives on the 06th December
31/10/23, 8:40am - Warwick: Nice work PA!
31/10/23, 8:41am - Warwick: We've got a bit of time then Gents. Assuming PA can schmooze Kerry into agreeing with the Plan perhaps we can arrange to uplift the Mikey Bikey this weekend?
31/10/23, 8:43am - Troy L: I have lessons this weekend but will help out where I can..
31/10/23, 8:43am - Paul A: he's there now
31/10/23, 8:43am - Paul A: meaning online my time
31/10/23, 8:44am - Paul A: what do you require from Kezza?
31/10/23, 8:44am - Warwick: Approval to steal Mikey's bike and letting her girls know we're coming, hopefully this weekend
31/10/23, 8:45am - Warwick: Should be easy for a man of your good looks, boyish charm and flatulence
31/10/23, 8:47am - Pete W: I'm away this weekend, but I am available the next.
31/10/23, 8:53am - Paul A: ok, so i am dobbing....last time i mentioned Motorcycle & Mikey in the same sentence to Kezza.... there was an awkward silence, then a longer pause, 1000-yard sniper stares, akin the movie 'High Noon'.....
31/10/23, 8:55am - Warwick: It's all good mate, as long as motorcycle and Straya are mentioned in the same sentence you'll be fine. His plan was to fire up one of the beasts so no doubt it's been approved by the war office
31/10/23, 8:55am - Paul A: no doubt it farking hasn't, i am dobbing War.
31/10/23, 8:56am - Warwick: Well look mate, it's only your neck on the line so no wuckers maaaaaaaate!!!
31/10/23, 8:57am - Troy L: Hey Pabs - War is on the money. Kerry doesn't want him breaking assorted body parts on some Frankenbike while in Peru. She'll be ok with him reconnecting with his old ironmongery back here.
31/10/23, 8:57am - Paul A: Bwahahahaha
31/10/23, 8:58am - Paul A: ok i'll ping her now
31/10/23, 9:21am - Paul A: Hi Kezza, Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's me Paul A. Dont tell Mikey I have initiated contact! OK I have been asked by the boyz of WAWA CGMC, that they are 'Extremely Excited' about you and Mikey's imminent return to Australia Fair in early December. Having said that, The Boyz are hashing a plan presently to have one of Mikey's motorcycles roadworthy & ready, for his immediate arrival Kezza. As he is fast-earning the nickname 'No Bikey-Mikey', they feel this will help him deal with his interim withdrawal symptons, in a safe environment, on familiar machinery. So Kezza, the CGMC Boyz are asking you, to please advise your girls that they will be dropping around to your property and selecting a motorcycle from his collection, so to ready forĀ hisĀ arrival.
31/10/23, 9:22am - Paul A: Kezza it was Warwick
31/10/23, 9:23am - Paul A: It was ALL Warwick
31/10/23, 9:23am - Warwick: That should do it
31/10/23, 9:25am - Paul A: Its always Warwick
31/10/23, 9:25am - Warwick: Glad you didn't say "in a familiar environment, on safe machinery" that would have been factually incorrect
31/10/23, 9:28am - Warwick: Mind you once Pete fixes it up, deletes the Uber lever and gives it a once-over it'll probably go like a scalded cat and be reliable... Mikey will get the other one going so he can have something that leaks oil on his boots and breaks down every 5 minutes
31/10/23, 9:29am - Paul A: Warwick made me do it lol
31/10/23, 9:30am - Paul A: War, i was going to add 'in a learning, nurturing environment of equality'
31/10/23, 9:31am - Paul A: i haven't got the blue tick yet from Kezza yet
31/10/23, 9:32am - Pete W: I told you Paul, Kerry wasn't keen on a bike in Peru
31/10/23, 9:32am - Warwick: None of that here old bean, we believe in an environment of endless ribbing, taunting, fear and a sound dollop of loathing
31/10/23, 9:33am - Pete W: Geeze, no pressure on getting the bike going then War
31/10/23, 9:35am - Warwick: Get Trav to graft an RM250 to either end, she'll be apples
31/10/23, 9:35am - Warwick: Maybe we should just jack up the wheels, replace the rest of it?
31/10/23, 9:36am - Paul A: Its all been set in motion now Pete.... lol
31/10/23, 9:38am - Warwick: I think we should put a chopper guard on it, just for fun.. Remember those pink flags on the fibreglass pole, so cool...
31/10/23, 9:38am - Pete W: I thought you like Mike? Talking of Trav building something is a scary thought.
31/10/23, 9:38am - Pete W: What about a huge sissy bar?
31/10/23, 9:39am - Warwick: It's a "complex" relationship Pete
31/10/23, 9:56am - Paul A: Gentlemen, we have a reply, from Kezza... hahah You have a GREEN LIGHT Gentlemen of CGMC
31/10/23, 10:02am - Warwick: Ha ha!!! Well played! LET'S GET RASH GENTLEMEN!!!!
31/10/23, 10:03am - Warwick: Not that rash PA (hope it's cleared up)
31/10/23, 10:03am - Paul A: Kezza likes me
31/10/23, 10:04am - Warwick: She likes Mikey, it's not a high bar old mate
31/10/23, 10:05am - Paul A: Bwahahaha
31/10/23, 11:04am - Troy L: Mikey after riding his rebuilt Frankenbike:'Hmm - starts first kick..idles evenly..alternator leaks..all bolts tight. Its just not right dammit!!'
31/10/23, 11:35am - Paul A: Troy, Pete, i get scared when i go out with the Vicar in the big Blue Smurf Mobile. It makes noises, some good, some not so good.
31/10/23, 12:06pm - Troy L: Well - like car, like driver..
31/10/23, 8:35pm - Warwick: So gents, we are all go. Shall we pencil in the weekend of the 11th / 12th to get the beast up to Pete's? I'm thinking if at least Troy and I attend Casa Fischer to pick her up then I can deliver to Pete's using Troy's trailer or whatever, we can work that bit out later. At a pinch I could also help this weekend, perhaps we could get her to Troy's then up to Pete's next weekend? @PaulA we'll also need help with old rego papers etc. Can you please ask Kerry? Perhaps Erin or Jocelyn can find them and give to us when we get the bike?
31/10/23, 8:39pm - Paul A: I have a PhD in PDF if that helps?
31/10/23, 8:45pm - Pete W: We won't be able to get it registered, but we can get it passed for inspection. To licence, we would need signed documents from Mike. All he would need to do is go down and pay the rego.
31/10/23, 9:15pm - Paul A: After its inspection for the slip, cannot it just be re rego'd online Fellas?
31/10/23, 9:52pm - Pete W: To get the number plates, you have to go into licensing in person or multiple forms from a third party
31/10/23, 9:57pm - Paul A: ohhhhhhh its like out/out/way out of rego
31/10/23, 9:58pm - Paul A: Understood Pete
2/11/23, 4:30pm - Geoff: Hi Warwick and CGMC team. I'm off to Vic tomorrow and not back till Nov 14. Can I chip in some cash for parts or beer?
3/11/23, 7:26am - Warwick: Thanks Geoff, all good at the moment I reckon, we'll let you know. Have fun over East
3/11/23, 10:13am - Paul A: Warwick in a rando chat with the said Vicar, he indicates , on his arrival to WaWa, if he has time, he would like to take the red/white GS out for a ride......
3/11/23, 10:14am - Troy L: I guess that settles which one we'll be sorting out. Lazarus for the win!
3/11/23, 10:15am - Paul A: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Troy!
3/11/23, 10:19am - Warwick: Nice work @Pete
6/11/23, 11:21am - Pete W: Hey all, im available this weekend to pick up the red and white GS from Mike's if no one else has grabbed it?
6/11/23, 11:27am - Warwick: Hi Pete, nothing happened last weekend, is Saturday good for you? @Troy are you good for Saturday?
6/11/23, 12:08pm - Pete W: Im heading that way on friday morning if that works. I have a trailer so could pick it up then, if ok by the girls.
6/11/23, 12:30pm - Warwick: Might be good if Troy and I are there as we think we know where the keys are hidden, I can't skip work on Friday though. Troy has a bike trailer so we can grab Saturday and bring to you? @Troy happy to use my car, happier still to have a pic of the GS being towed away by a Volvo
6/11/23, 12:34pm - Pete W: I see Mikey Screaming already at a photo of the GS behind the Volvo. Im out in the late afternoon Saturday but home the rest of the day.
6/11/23, 12:38pm - Warwick: Sweet, @Troy - what are your movements Sat morning?
6/11/23, 1:23pm - Pete W: He took the battery out as well.
6/11/23, 5:53pm - Paul A: So did you guys do a 'Bike-nap'?
6/11/23, 7:00pm - Warwick: This Saturday hopefully, can you let Kerry know please PA?
6/11/23, 7:01pm - Paul A: ok
6/11/23, 7:02pm - Troy L: I'm working Saturday morning but available after 5pm.
6/11/23, 7:16pm - Warwick: Ah bugger, is your bike trailer in use Troy? Can I use it if not?
6/11/23, 7:16pm - Troy L: You can use it mate!
6/11/23, 7:16pm - Warwick: Saweeet!
6/11/23, 7:16pm - Troy L: Its out front of my house - just come grab it when you need it. I'll leave some straps out as well.
6/11/23, 7:17pm - Warwick: Bewdy, will liaise directly. We don't want Gus knowing your address... He'll probably leave a broken Lotus out the front
6/11/23, 7:18pm - Troy L: Oh god no! Not the lotus!
7/11/23, 2:02pm - Troy L: I'll have the trailer, straps and ramp out and ready on Saturday morning War - I just need it back for a Sunday morning lesson..
7/11/23, 2:12pm - Warwick: Thanks Troy! I'll come down Saturday, grab trailer then bike, head to Pete's and drop off, drool at shed etc, head back to North Bunbury, drop trailer, head back to civilisation...
7/11/23, 5:33pm - Pete W: Dont get too excited about the shed Warwick. It's a complete mess, and I've sold the good ones.
10/11/23, 7:35am - Warwick: What's that red thing on its port side Pete? Duca? Not heard much of them, bit of a fire risk sitting amongst all that Japanese iron?
10/11/23, 8:16am - Pete W: Definitely is Warwick. Im not one to ridicule the Ducati on its fire reputation. The only fire ive had was on the gsx1100 sidecar. My first ride of the bike led to an electrical short behind the head light, and flames coming up through the fairing
10/11/23, 8:22am - Warwick: Yikes! At least it wouldn't have fallen over when you leapt off for the fire extinguisher
10/11/23, 8:25am - Pete W: It was a cold night ride and it warmed pretty quick. It would of looked pretty good though
11/11/23, 8:50am - Warwick: Houston, we have a problem... I've got the trailer, am at Mikey's but no-one is answering the door! Any thoughts gents?
11/11/23, 8:50am - Warwick: I've friended Kerry on FB and sent her a message
11/11/23, 9:04am - Warwick: All good, I'm in
11/11/23, 9:05am - Pete W: And of course, it's on the stand.
11/11/23, 9:05am - Warwick: Might have to grab the shafty - Winston is all trussed up on the stand, I don't like my chances of getting him down without disaster
11/11/23, 9:06am - Warwick: What do we think?
11/11/23, 9:07am - Pete W: I would go the shaftie too. To risky getting it off the stand.
11/11/23, 9:13am - Warwick: Victory is ours Gentlemen
11/11/23, 9:15am - Pete W: Well done
11/11/23, 10:15am - Paul A: Yay!!!!
11/11/23, 12:40pm - Warwick: GS delivered to Pete's. Stage 1 accomplished. PS - don't go into Pete's shed, serious jealousy attack will occur!
16/11/23, 10:49am - Pete W: A quick update on the GS. The battery is knackered, but i have one we can use for the time he's back. The tank will be washed out this weekend and the carbs checked. I spoke to licencing, and we can get the bike inspected and ready for Mike to licence, also we have 3 months before registering or re-inspection
16/11/23, 10:59am - Warwick: Awesome work Pete! I'm happy to chip in for a new battery. What is the model number?
16/11/23, 11:03am - Pete W: I can get them at trade price, but is it worth it if hes only riding it for a little while before heading back?
16/11/23, 11:08am - Warwick: True that, I didn't read your post properly sorry Pete. You do realise the stator is probably Mikey wired and will likely fry your battery
16/11/23, 11:25am - Troy L: The Rev's electrical workshop..
16/11/23, 11:32am - Pete W: Anythings possible with Frankenmikey
16/11/23, 11:32am - Pete W: I'll test with one of my older batteries first.
18/11/23, 1:59pm - Pete W: Put some fuel in and it ran straight through the carbs (which i thought it would) so the strip down begins.
18/11/23, 2:01pm - Pete W: [Media omitted]
18/11/23, 3:27pm - Warwick: Bloody legend Pete!! You are adding the jet spray directly to his nads right? Then ignition source as well?
18/11/23, 3:30pm - Pete W: Im almost got it back together, but I have run out of o rings ( it needs 12 ). I'll get more on Monday.
18/11/23, 3:32pm - Warwick: Make sure you keep a tab on your bits and costs Pete, we'll chip in.
18/11/23, 3:34pm - Pete W: Will do that. So far it's only time, I get the orings from work
18/11/23, 6:06pm - Paul A: Keihens or Mikuni's Pete?
18/11/23, 6:06pm - Paul A: Mikuni's
24/11/23, 2:59pm - Pete W: Just an update. Tanya came back from a wonderful trip to Bali. She gave me a lovely Bintang tanktop and covid. Today is the first day I've been able to walk outside, so i put the carbs back together with the new orings and bench tested for leaks, all ok
24/11/23, 3:08pm - Warwick: Nice work Pete and thanks Tanya!!
24/11/23, 3:09pm - Warwick: Nice test rig too
24/11/23, 3:18pm - Pete W: At least they are a lot more basic than the single carbs I've been working on lately.
24/11/23, 3:21pm - Warwick: How good would it be to whack fuel injection on it and see if he noticed...
24/11/23, 3:23pm - Pete W: My covid head ache just came back
25/11/23, 4:50pm - Warwick: Woohoo!!! The suspense! The drama!! The happy ending!!!
25/11/23, 4:53pm - Pete W: Yep it had it all. Just like a Mikey bike should.
25/11/23, 5:28pm - Pete W: Next inline is the headlight. The deflection bar inside the headlight was broken and needed fixing. After separating the headlight, i can repair the framing and polish the inside to make the light brighter.
25/11/23, 5:37pm - Warwick: Bloody legend maaaaate!!
26/11/23, 7:54am - Warwick: Farrrrrk! Are they on their way already?
26/11/23, 7:58am - Pete W: You're kidding. What did you want to do. I can fix the light and get it back together.
26/11/23, 8:00am - Pete W: Just seen Dec 6. He must be going to Melbourne first.
26/11/23, 8:01am - Warwick: Phewwwww!
26/11/23, 8:11am - Warwick: Okay, pulse back to normal Pete. What do we need to do from here? I've got to shoot over to NZ for next weekend.. Looks like I'll leave Thursday return Sunday. Other than that I can do whatever needs to be done.
26/11/23, 8:15am - Troy L: What was the presentation plan once the old beast is roadworthy again?
26/11/23, 8:16am - Pete W: I'll book the gs in on friday for an inspection. All the electrics work but there's a small oil leak i have to find.
26/11/23, 8:23am - Pete W: If all goes well, i can take it back to Mikes and put it in the shed with the inspection certificate on the tank.
28/11/23, 10:22am - Pete W: We are booked in for Friday morning.
28/11/23, 10:24am - Warwick: Awesome! Thanks so much for bearing the brunt of this mad plan Pete!
28/11/23, 10:37am - Geoff: Pete if you need a hand with anything on Friday I can assist. Just let me know. Cheers
28/11/23, 11:56am - Troy L: Happy to help with some funds if required!
28/11/23, 11:59am - Warwick: Yes, add up what you've spent @Pete and let us know.
28/11/23, 1:37pm - Paul A: Yeh for sure, I'll send some $$$$$ too
28/11/23, 1:41pm - Pete W: Im taking the bike for a test ride tonight. So far its been $3.10 for the orings because work didnt have any. The rest is time or parts i already had. There will be a travel permit and inspection, but I'll let you all know.
28/11/23, 1:43pm - Warwick: You spent $3.10??? WTF?? What do you drink? We owe you a carton or a bottle of something (plus travel permit and inspection fees)
29/11/23, 7:04pm - Pete W: Hey all, i'm having trouble with the indicators. When the headlight is on, the indicators won't flash. Turn the head light on and the voltage goes up and they work. Turn head light off and they work
29/11/23, 7:26pm - Troy L: Sounds like a battery prob...
29/11/23, 7:31pm - Pete W: The battery is producing more volts than the indicators are showing, and other fuses have more voltage. I think it may be in the stator. What do you think Troy?
29/11/23, 7:32pm - Paul A: Pete, Voltage Reg/Rectifier....? Same problems with my Dukes. VRR fries, overloads the stator, coil windings fry on the stator.....
29/11/23, 7:33pm - Troy L: Mikey always rewinds his own stators so its a distinct possibility..
29/11/23, 7:33pm - Paul A: You drop. A meter over the alternator/stator output? 70 plus volts?
29/11/23, 7:33pm - Troy L: Either that or there is an earth loop/leakage..
29/11/23, 7:34pm - Paul A: Stator goes into overdrive, with one of its windings farked.
29/11/23, 7:35pm - Troy L: Can you bypass the stator and power up the system? As a test/isolation measure?
29/11/23, 7:36pm - Paul A: 3 cable output from the stator Pete/Troy?
29/11/23, 7:37pm - Paul A: Meter it? Pin 1/2, 2/3, 3/1 ? That will indicate which coil winding is cooked
29/11/23, 7:43pm - Pete W: My biggest problem is time. I'll have a look at the windings tomorrow and if they meter differently i can either find a replacement or tell the inspector its got a crook battery..
29/11/23, 7:49pm - Paul A: Oh Pete...farking Ducati's..... turning great riders into brilliant electronics technicians for 97 years now....
29/11/23, 7:52pm - Pete W: Not just Ducatis, Suzukis can make you emotional in the shed too
29/11/23, 7:53pm - Paul A: The weather is completely sh*t here mate, for the last week...
29/11/23, 7:53pm - Pete W: You've got some awesome bikes there Paul
29/11/23, 7:54pm - Paul A: Thanks mate!
30/11/23, 7:50pm - Pete W: Ive had a win on the voltage drop. Stripped both switch blocks and cleaned the terminals and we have working indicators. I havent done a old Suzuki switch block for a while, now realise how bad my eye sight is
30/11/23, 7:53pm - Paul A: Nah Pete, it's all Bakelite! Doing well mate!
1/12/23, 1:11am - Warwick: Bloody legend!!
1/12/23, 6:47am - Troy L: Great work Pete!
1/12/23, 9:40am - Pete W: The bike was rejected for the head stem bearings. Ive ordered a set and they will be here monday. Steves have said bring the bike back fixed and they will pass it without extra charge.
1/12/23, 9:45am - Troy L: Hmmm - Mikey's usually pretty diligent about that!
1/12/23, 9:49am - Pete W: I thought that too. I'll take it home now and pull it part so it will be back before he gets home
1/12/23, 12:14pm - Warwick: What a PITA! Sorry Pete but awesome work!
1/12/23, 5:30pm - Warwick: You're a bloody machine Pete. Hate it when those guys are right!
1/12/23, 6:46pm - Paul A: Pete, you have been escalated to 'Farking God Like' Status, but I think the mad monk would disagree and call blasphemy. Mate, you are a legend
4/12/23, 7:50pm - Pete W: Good news, i got the bearings this afternoon and have finished the GS. I'll take it back for inspection tomorrow and then drop it off at Mikes.
4/12/23, 8:06pm - Troy L: You're a legend Pete! Well done!
4/12/23, 10:50pm - Paul A: Pete=God Like
5/12/23, 3:52am - Warwick: Awesome Pete! You've nailed it - good luck today!
5/12/23, 4:44pm - Pete W: Mission accomplished
5/12/23, 4:47pm - Troy L: Ohhhh he will be SO conflicted!!!
5/12/23, 4:47pm - Troy L: Excellent job Pete!
5/12/23, 5:22pm - Warwick: Ha ha ha ha!!!! That is gold mate!!! You are a bona fide fiend and legend all rolled into one, nice work!!!
6/12/23, 3:46pm - Warwick: [Media omitted -- but this is where Warwick shared the video (see below) of a jet lagged and mystified vicar trying to figure out what had gone on in his man hovel during his absence...]
6/12/23, 5:39pm - Troy L: Worth every minute!!!
6/12/23, 7:51pm - Pete W: That was awesome to watch. The perfect setup, well done everyone
7/12/23, 6:28am - Warwick: The cognitive delay is fairly evident as he reads the inspection report, got to love it when the penny drops at around 2'43" hahahahaha "How do YOU know?" So do we kill this chat or add him in and let him read?
7/12/23, 6:34am - Pete W: It was a great video. We should add him
7/12/23, 6:34am - You added Mikey
7/12/23, 6:35am - Warwick: @Mikey when you're bored, have a read
7/12/23, 6:35am - Troy L: This is how the deed was done Mikey!!
7/12/23, 6:36am - Mikey: What a wonderful pack of barschtardos you lot are!

And that, dear reader, is how the plot was hatched and realised. I have worse mates than I deserve, that's for sure ;-)

Now for the aforementioned video. Talk about blindsided...

* * * * *

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