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Here's my shortlist of sites relevant to GS/GSX Suzukis.

Please note that I take no responsibility for the content of these websites or the quality of any services or information they may offer. Not only that, but the inclusion of these links on this website does not imply endorsement of the views expressed by the organisations or individuals responsible for these sites. These external links are provided for information purposes only. Use your own discretion and discernment. Thankyou and goodnight.

Sites You Shouldn't Go Past...

— This is the original Katana site with useful spec. pages and a forum as well... but the forum has pretty-well dropped off the perch in recent years. The place to really go for info. and help is the GSR. See next link.

— a site with some very useful information, but far-and-away the best forum for GS/GSX Suzukis on the internet. In fact, you'll find that just about every GS problem imaginable has been dealt with on the forum. Want to snuff out that clutch rattle? Bike won't start when the engine's hot? Use the 'Search' feature and trawl past forum threads to find the answers.
There are also vital information pages, especially to do with sorting out the notorious GS/GSX electrical gremlins. There is an excellent diagnostic flow chart for trouble-shooting your charging system. Also top articles on carburettor set up, servicing and adjustment.

— — if you want to see a shining example of one man's dedication to a particular marque of motorcycle, look no further. Jarmo's ambition is to have information on EVERY model of Suzuki ever manufactured.

— SUZUKI-KATANA.NET — Australian "Home of the Big Kats". Great site, lots of good info, history, model details, technical tips, and yes! our very own Aussie Katana forum.

— Old Skool Suzuki — dedicated to the "genetic engineering of an extinct species". This site used to have heaps of articles, information and a ripper forum. Then the whole plot disappeared... whether the victim of hacking or incompetence, I don't know. But thankfully the forum has been recreated and bristles with the usual swag-load of nutty but knowledgeable pommy Zook-o-philes. Sadly the repository of super articles ain't around anymore... mate, there was everything on there, 'suspension setup for dummies' and templates for machining engine-mounting brackets so that you could slot a GSX1100 donk into your old H*rley (well, not quite). But it's gone. RIP.

— KatanaClub NL — Dutch Katana site, put together and run by Arnout of fame.

— Michael's 'GS Classic' site — excellent German GS Suzuki site, with lots of articles, technical information, etc. What's that? You don't read German?! Don't worry, some of the site is in English; and besides, if you use a site translation service (eg. Babelfish) you'll get a fair idea of what's being said.

— Katana France — the premier French Katana website. Helpfully, the text is translated into English across the site. Lots of photos of other Katanas, and some nice Katana-related goodies that you can order via the site. Well worth a look!

— MITICHE Suzuki GS — an Italian site devoted to GS Suzukis. Lots of good stuff, and a list of links that's well worth your attention.

Individual Projects and Bike Nuts in General...

— Arnout's GSX — now here is one talented bloke. Arnout has taken a stock GSX750, put an 1100 powerplant in it (of course), and then has gone on to work a litany of engineering wonders in the comfort of his own loungeroom. Browse this site and be motivated to do things better yourself. Also online microfiches available for GSX1100 Suzukis.

— — Peter's excellent GSX-engined Moto Martin machine. Exotic enough as 'standard', but absolutely top-notch now that it's in the hands of a true enthusiast and capable home engineer. What a bike!!! [PS. You must have Java installed and enabled to view Peter's webpage... the sidebar menu won't appear without it.]

— BikeCliff's Website — BikeCliff has put together a comprehensive site for his GS850G, detailing many aspects of maintenance and repair. Manuals for many GS/GSX models are also available for download.

— Rob Wilton's Katanas — aka 'Katman', Rob shows us some of his tasty Katanas, and shares a lot of excellent technical tips. Top site.

— Solo Suzuki Zone — great site, tasty Katana, nice-looking GS(X)1100EZ, say no more.

— "Hus and his Katana" — Hus has saved us all a lot of trouble, and prepared a colour wiring diagram for freebie download. Print out this beauty and you'll have no more eyestrain trying to figure out which wire goes where. There's also a PDF copy of the GSX1100 Owners Manual available for download, as well as a few other goodies — thankyou Hus.
Actually, as of July 2010 it seems that Hus's site has gone down... so for the time being I'll make his diagram available here. Warning, it's a hunky file — about 2.6MB...

— Marco's Turbo GSX1100 — A great project, tasty result. And, it gives you a good idea of what you're in for if you go the turbo route. So far Marco's got it up to 200HP and rising... all in a 750 chassis 8-O

— — Odd Ivar Bekkelund's z400 site. The z400 is perhaps the most overlooked Zed of them all. Almost 1/2 a 900, the little Zed will rattle along happily all day. There seem to be a few around, mainly languishing in wreckers yards, so if you're in search of a project bike then they're definitely worth a look. And with enthusiasts like Odd Ivar around, support is never far away; this man knows his z400s. Read a bit about the one I used to have here.

Technical Links...

— MYXmanuals — lots of manuals available here for a very reasonable subscription fee.

— Alpha Sports — comprehensive Suzuki parts catalogues and microfiches online, for just about every Suzuki from 1965 through to the present. However, use with caution: the microfiches appear to deal with Suzukis exported to the USA, which might not be exactly the same as the models we received here in Australia.

— — Brian has put together a number of handy maintenance articles, from re-covering seats through to rebuilding cam-chain tensioners.

— — here's a site with lots of useful tuning information. Outlines the basic theory and practice for getting your CV carbies jetted properly.

— — psssst... wanna good run-down on how to work on GSX-R carbies? Go to this thread at and you'll get an excellent and comprehensive article by a few blokes who know their stuff. Just the ticket for helping you nut-out and renovate those GSX-R carbies you've hung off the back of your old GSX donk.

— Mikuni USA — some great technical articles can be found here, especially with regard to carburettor tuning, trouble-shooting and setup. Yes, the site is aimed at Harleys... but don't worry, carbies are carbies and they all work the same.

— Mikunioz — Mikuni Australia. If you're after yummy carburettors (smoothbores, flatslides) and accessories, jets included. A wealth of information on needle and needle-jet dimensions available — as well as main jets, pilot jets, and the rest.

Services We Cannot Do Without...

— Suziparts — "Our company was set up to service the needs of the owners of pre 1987 Suzuki Motorcycles." Lots of genuine parts for the older Zooks.

— Westfield Fasteners — Westfield's online shop allows you to order stainless steel nuts, bolts, screws, hose clamps and washers in the quantities that YOU require. There's every conceivable sort of fastener on here, and they're all in stainless.

— Stainless Store — an Australian-based online store for a wide range of stainless steel fasteners.

— Cycle Re-Cycle Part II — specialising in after-market parts for vintage Japanese motorcycles.

— Debben Performance — lots of good performance parts here for our machines.

— Z1 Enterprises — vintage Japanese motorcycle parts.

— Sudco Motorcycle Parts — heaps of stuff here. Carburettors, clutch kits, valves, filters, jets, gaskets... the list is almost endless and the mind truly boggles.

— Wemoto in Australia — a site with heaps of parts for tons of motorcycles. The place to go for the usual ancilliaries (eg. spark plugs, tacho cables, levers, brake pads, bearings etc.) if you are in Oz.

— Motorcycle Tyres Plus — online motorcycle tyre store if you're in Australia. Good range, inc. tyres for our older machinery.

— Robinsons Foundry — good site to find OEM Suzuki parts if you're in Europe.

— the place to find and order any OEM Suzuki parts if you're in Australia. Mate, you can even source those unique GS1000ST parts here; can't say that for the rest of the world!

— IKON shockabsorbers — 'IKON' being the new name for 'KONI'. Same good shockies, though: fully rebuildable, good range of adjustment. Just the shot for replacing your tired set of OE rear motorcycle shockies so that you don't get catapaulted over the front wheel when things get a bit spirited. And also just the shot if — like me — you don't have the budget for a set of yummy Ohlins units or maybe even those splendiferous Kyaba items on the Katana 'Final Edition'.

— GS Zone — lots of APE aftermarket engine parts such as valves, cam shafts, cam chains, lockup clutches, clutch baskets, pistons, rocker arms, carburettors, big blocks, transmission cogs and components... on and on it goes. Great site.

— S&K Racing — another great website for sourcing all sorts of goodies.

— TNK Engineering — Now lookie here! This crew have actually got remanufactured Katana instrument clusters! Of course, they don't come really cheap (work out at a bit over the AU$500 mark) — but if you want 'em, you can get 'em. Which is always nice to know.

— Wiseco pistons. For when the old girl is burning oil and you might as well slot in a fresh set of oversize pistons while you're at it. Wiseco also do other goodies like clutch baskets, etc.

— Reproduction Decals — here you will find a comprehensive range of decals, striping kits, etc. available for your motorcycle — including the mighty Katana, of course. They even list a decal kit for the red&white GS1000ST, but I'm afraid it's not the same as what we got here in Australia. What they've basically done is a red & white version of the blue & white GS1000SN. Maybe one day they'll get it right...

— Online Conversion — Want to convert MPG to KPL? Horsepower to Kilowatts? Millimetres to McKerneys? 'Online Conversion' is your site.

— Findapart — the easy way to request a particular part from a whole network of wreckers at a keystroke.

— "Visit Dynamic Drive for free, original DHTML scripts and components, all of which utilise the latest in DHTML and JavaScript technology!" Yes, they're the folks who provided the nifty script for the floating menu there on the left. And also the code for the email link below.

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