Other Kats & Big Zooks...

A selection of photos sent in to me from Katana-philes (and the occasional GS1000S fan, too) from all around the world. There are even some examples of rare GSX1100-powered exotica.

Simply click on the thumbnails if you'd like to view the full-size picture. Enjoy!

Got a Katana you'd like to share with us all? Or maybe a GS1000S, or some other Big Zook?
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Jame's XR69

If you can't see yourself aboard this thing at 180kph along some deserted open road somewhere, then please check if you have a pulse. James made this thing himself -- creating them is what he does: see Hand Made Racers on Facebook.

* * * * *

Martin's GS1000

The bike is a 1981 Suzuki GS1000. From what I can gather it was modified in 2001-2003. Whoever did it cut off the rear sub frame, made a complete new one using round tube, specifically to fit the seat unit, which came off a Triumph 595 Daytona, including the seat and rear pod. The rear light has been shaped into 2 round ones. Rear end is a swinging arm from a Honda CBR600, as is the rear Hugger. Wheel is off a Suzuki Bandit along with the disc and caliper. I think the exhaust is American, an Eagle Mach7 4-into-1. Engine is stock as is the gearbox. It looks like the rear sprocket is off the Bandit as well, seems quite big, but not giving monster acceleration so I'm assuming must be fairly standard size. Front forks, wheel, discs are also off the Triumph Daytona. The bottom yoke looks like Triumph, but top yoke is a hand made one, with inset instrument lights. Handlebars are straights with a small bend at the each end. The bike is fitted with mini-style clocks. Petrol tank is standard Suzuki. Foot rests have been made from aluminum, as have the foot levers; when seated, your feet are in a slight rear position, making it nice and easy to operate. Riding position is fairly comfortable, handlebars are within easy reach as are controls. Suspension is hard, rear and front; I've backed off all possible adjustments on both, but it still jars your teeth out on the average road. I love the look from the back, and the overall look of the bike, good fun to ride and people look with a mixture of interest and puzzlement -- "What is it?" being most-asked question! It's been put together with a lot of thought, and stainless fittings abound. I'm now looking forward to some sunny weather to get out on the road and enjoy it!


* * * * *

Dennis' GS1000 and other excellent GS machinery

My GS1000 is a base model with spoke wheels, love them spokes! Started its life in California USA in 1979. I bought it in 1999 from an importer in Cambridge UK (with a lovely matt black paint scheme). The blue is a Suzuki colour 'Kashmere blue' effect, with E decals from 'Reproduction Decals' in Canada. Bike looks standard to the novice, but has some mods: Wiseco 1085 big bore, ported head, Dyna S ignition, K+N filter, Fireblade discs with Yam FZ6 calipers and Bandit master cyl, Hagon progressive springs, uprated reg/rect., heated grips, and 'Barkbuster' handguards from Oz. It pulls strong and can lift the front wheel no problems. All work done was by myself, who else can you trust?! It's been in a few shows and I have won a few awards, well pleased! My other bikes: a GS750 1977, an ongoing project, on with paint at the moment. I did a renovation on the GS550 (1978) a few years ago, and when my eldest son James passed his test I gave it to him.

Thanks again,

* * * * *

Jack's GSX1100E

Attached is a photo of the scooter... had an unusually warm day on Tuesday so I took her out for a spin... first time riding after installing a 4-1 exhaust (and rejetting carbs, of course) and I loved the way she sounded...can't wait for spring!

Tidy "scooter", Jack.

* * * * *

Robert's Katana

Here's my Katana GSX1100. This one was produced in 1982. I bought it in 1984 and have only covered 25,000 miles since. Planning to give it a good polish over the winter and have it sparkling on the road for next summer.

Paintwork by 'Dream Machine', JMC swingarm, Micron exhaust. Otherwise pretty much standard.

Robert (Glasgow, Scotland).

A recent update (Oct. 2013):

Hi, Robert with the blue & yellow Katana here. Thought that I would post some updated pictures for your web site. My Katana is continuing to evolve!


* * * * *

Laurence's Katana

Years ago Laurence sent me the above pic of his 1100 Katana. Then in late 2013 he sent me this update:

I've left you a pic of my 1000SZ UK spec Katana. You included my 1100 Katana in your gallery a few years back and since then I re-built the 1000, stole the bodywork off the 1100 and have had a lot of fun in the meantime collecting Katana parts for my next project. The pic was taken on the Duffy Lake road outside Vancouver BC. Great ride when the sun shines. Lots and lots of twisties...

* * * * *

Mark's GSX1100E

Here is my GSX from 1983 and dog Zack, both sadly passed!! I bought it new in Ballina, NSW Australia. Rode and raced in at Surfers Paradise in '83-85. It had 18" Akront spoke wheels, SW rear shocks, fork brace and a Megacycle exhaust. An awesome bike and would love to find another to restore as a classic superbike racer!

* * * * *

Darren's Katana

A few years ago, Darren's '84 1100 Katana was a tidy enough specimen as it was (above left). The list of mods was extensive: 1170 Wiseco big bore kit, ported and polished head, over-sized valves, 18" Akront rims, IKON (ex Koni) shocks, Megacycle exhaust, 33mm Keihin smoothbores, GSX1400 foot pegs/controls, plus plenty of polished alloy and anodised bits.

But why stop there? Darren just sent in some photos of recently completed work (April 2013, above right), and it's lifted the beastie to the next level. We'll let Darren take over...

Howdy mate,
Here's a new shot of my stray Kat project, recently finished and now on the road. The bronze wheel version [above, left] is what you already have a shot of. The new specs are:
  • Honda CBR 954 triple clamps
  • Suzuki GSXR750W (1994) complete front end
  • Suzuki GSXR750W rear rim and brakes, new spacers made where needed, drive sprocket is Talon blank 520
  • Necessary 520 chain & sprocket conversion (front sprocket has 16mm offset, gearing gives est. top end of 200kph, gets there real quick)
This was all really quite simple once the research was done. All the parts came from the wreckers and all went straight on -- including the rims and tyres, they came out of the box already red. The handling has improved immensely, as has the braking. All this could have been a factory upgrade by Suzuki while keeping the original Kat style!


* * * * *

Liyaaqat's Katanas

These are my 2 katana's... One is the 1100... The other is a 400...
Thanks alot,
Liyaaqat (South Africa).

* * * * *

Rish's Katana

Hi, this is my Katana which I call my 'Superkat'. The bike is a beauty: it howls, sounds like a beast waiting to be unleashed! Only for weekends.

Rish (South Ńfrica).

* * * * *

Brandon's Katana with GS1000 motor

This is my '83 Katana with GS1000 motor. Thanks to your site I was able to set up the carb's pilot screws etc. properly, so cheers — she runs shweeeet!
My first Katana, and she's a head turner! Anaconda green... BTW, I have artwork for the decals if anyone wants?
Johannesburg, S.A.

* * * * *

Deon's Katanas

Hi there,
From Cape Town, South Africa I'm sending you pics of some of my Katanas.
First off, my standard bike.
Then my 'resto-mod' bike with Bandit 1200 engine and GSX-R suspension.
And finally my trackday bike, also with Bandit 1200 engine, and suspension.
Hope you like it...

No problems liking those bikes at all, Deon.

* * * * *

Billy's Katanas

1980 GSX1100, original wire wheels, silver and blue custom tank, motor standard, Ohlins shocks.
1984 GSX1100, red and silver, bored-out 1190, Mikuni flat slides, oversize valves, Marzocchi shocks — she's an arm-stretcher!
I just love these bikes.

All the best,
Adelaide, South Australia.

* * * * *

Greg's got another GSX750E...

Hi, I sent you email a few weeks ago and you put the photo's on your web site under Greg's GSX750E's. Well thanks to eBay the collection has grown by another GSX750.
This one I had to fix slightly, after draining the oil and finding that it was 9 litres of fuel and NOT 3.2 litres of oil... and then puling the carbies to bits and cleaning them.
To my amazement it started! It goes quiet well. I also got historical plates for the other GSX and will probably do the same for the newer one as well. I need a bigger garage now :)
I was looking on your site at the 'make your own muffler' page, so I might give that a go as one of the GSX's has non-original mufflers. I don't suppose you know where I could get originals from?
Thanks for the great web site,

Good work on acquiring and fixing your 2nd GSX750 there Greg. This looks like the start of a collection to me... so you'd better kick out the kids/ tenants/ whoever and start parking them inside the house. Original mufflers do turn up on eBay from time to time — mainly overseas. There are folks who fabricate good imitations here in Australia, though... I will do some research and get back to you with the contact details for the crew. In the meantime, enjoy the fixing and fettling — but don't forget to ride the berries off 'em.

* * * * *

Greg's GSX750E's

Attached are a couple of photos of my GSX750E's. The red bike is the one I bought new back in 1981, and had it for 10 years but had to sell it as I had children and we needed a new fence around the house.

Fast forward 30 years, and I have just bought another GSX750E (the black one). It has 7000 kms on the clock, but I suspect that is just how far the speedo has gone, and not the bike. It needs a bit of work, but I have ordered lots of parts from eBay. I am amazed how much stuff for the bike is still available.

I wish I could get my original red GSX back... but this is the next best thing!


It's a common lament, Greg — we've all had bikes we wish we hadn't ever sold...

* * * * *

Michael's Katana & GS650G

My Katana has the wheels and the forks from the GSX-R (with 180 tyre). I changed the seat and the engine (GSX1135EF). But I like the original Katana, also. At the moment I'm rebuilding an original GS650G for my own garage.

Many greetings from Germany,

Some top machinery there, Michael — and some fine photography to do it all justice. Folks, do pop by www.katanaownersclub.de and see for yourself the Katana Owners Club that Michael helps organise.

* * * * *

Rory's EZ

I see my GSX1170 made it onto your hallowed page. I noticed however that there was a lack of EZs. Well... here's one for ya if you like... freshly rebuilt from a totally unloved heap that I bought a while back. GSX-R wheels brakes etc., stock bodywork, Guilliari seat, JMC arm, stock frame, Raask rearsets and GS1000 clocks. Motor is stock bore but with has lightly flowed head and EF inlet cam, 36mm Bandit carbies and 133bhp on tap.


Top work there Rory. The EZ imbalance has now been redressed. Not only does the old girl now look the goods, but with some decent HP like that, mate she's gunna fly.

* * * * *

Ivan the Terrible's Katana

History has not been kind to Ivan. And it has certainly been less than accurate when it comes to the mounts the fearsome Tsar kept in his stable. Recently discovered is this Katana — a fitting steed indeed for any man of power!

Look, I don't know who sent me this photo... it came without a shred of accompanying text, just an email address with an oblique reference to Ivan the Terrible. So until further information comes to light, we have no other choice but to regard this as the late 16th Century megalomaniac's motorcycle.

* * * * *

Paul's GSX1100E

Paul recently landed this neat and tidy GSX1100E for a piddling $2K, and then did a bit of tidying-up and... voila! Says Paul,

I have a '99 Triumph Sprint [but] I reckon the Suzuki is way more fun... this bike is the still the best 2 grand I ever spent: super reliable and the torque is intoxicating!

* * * * *

Arief's Katana

Got an email from Arief the other day. He included a photo of his Katana, and then said "Thatís my Kat, not much but I love her to bits..." So I took a peek at the attachment and I liked what I saw! What you see here, folks, might be a little rough around the edges, but in my view that is a good part of the charm of machines like this. It's one meaty-looking machine and *of course* we all KNOW that it goes like the clappers too, don't we.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for admiring my Kat, it would be an honour for you to feature my Kat on your Aussie site. I thank my good friend Michael from Germany who passed the info. to me about your web site. He is a very good friend of mine, and we have been conversing on our Kats for a long time.

There's not much detail on my Kat except, I always wanted a Kat ever since I saw one when I was 14 years old. I fell in love with that out-of-this-world design, and 25 years later I bought my first Katana for R5000 (approx. $4000). She was stock standard, double seater, full red in colour, with a totally black motor.

I rode her for about a year with lots of trouble, even left me stranded alongside the road many times — even at night, but I never got rid of her. I even divorced my wife because she didn't like my bike; "it's too ugly" she said. But that's my life, I live to ride my Kat, she is called 'cupcake'. I had an idea to customise her, saved up and did it.

My divorce was the reason for shortening the seat, because I didn't want no pillion; just wanted to ride alone, hence the shortened arse. Put on GSX-R 7-inch wide rims, GSX-R swingarm, mono shock, GSX rear-sets. Changed the exhaust to a free flow tail piece, which puts out a loud crackling sound; at 4000 rpm she spits out flames! Made the motor silver, gas flowed the heads. The rest of the motor is stock standard. I almost keep up with most modern superbikes. I love the raw torque she produces; not much top end but raw power, that's all I ever need, 240 kmh is enough speed for me.

I designed the spray job to what you see, an 'exploded' effect. I wanted her to look aggressive, more than any street fighter can handle. Its design matches its aggressive monster look.

She's got a 110 front tyre and a 190 rear. At a later stage I want to put a 240/ 260 rear rim and tyre, it will look awesome mate, what do you think?


* * * * *

Scott's GS1000S's

Some details on my 2 bikes...

I bought the red ST from the original owner, he had done most the mods to it... he added a Yoshimura exhaust, a GSX swingarm, a GSX-R floating rear brake and some home made rear-sets. I added the rear shocks, the GS650 front disc and the GS1000SN chrome handlebars, as I prefer the flatter style. It's done 79,000 kms since new, and I've only just replaced the original cam chain.

I've played around with the 32mm Mikunis, they have bigger mains and air jets, and a K&N pod filter behind the original air collector. I'm happy with the way it goes, but I've thought several times about swapping the Mikunis over for some CVs as they do tend to foul plugs when riding around the city. I've tried changing the needle heights, changing the mains and air jets, but the bike just runs lean and has terrible flatspots in the low and mid range, so I have to keep going back to the richer settings and it runs fine.... it seems happy just fowling plugs and drinking fuel!!! I have played with the pilot jet adjustment, but as you say on your GS1000ST page, they only want to be in the half- to 5/8-turn adjustment to run.

The race bike... Well it was originally an SN model but I prefer the ST paint style. It weighs 170kgs with fuel and oil, and has 130hp at the rear wheel. Every part has been modified in some way. I made the fuel tank out of kevlar-reinforced fibreglass, the sidecovers are carbon fibre, and the original seat unit was also carbon fibre until I destroyed it. The present one is fibreglass. This was was originally supposed to be a replica of the Yoshimura AMA Superbike that Crosby rode at Daytona in 1981, but only the swingarm and race numbers are copies.


* * * * *

Rob's GS1000S

I love these bikes and rate them right up there in terms of the most collectable late 70s superbikes. This bike along with the CBX and Z1R are iconic bikes of the era and the styling is superb.

The bike in the photos has just been imported from the USA. It's all original and has just been tidied up by the 80-year-old gentlemen ex-owner from whom I purchased it in Portland, Oregon. He was the Suzuki agent at the time (back in 1979) in the county of Hillsboro. He had this bike for the last 4 years, and tracked down many OEM and original missing parts like the original exhaust pipes etc. Although Iím a Honda man (I have a 1972 CD175, a 1979 CBX1000, a 1979 CB900F, a 1980 CB750F, and a 2009 CB1300S) I have always lusted after the GS1000S. They are almost impossible to get now in NZ as very few came into the country at the time, and of the few survivors most have had a hard life and are butchered.

The build date on the headstock is 12/79, and it is the USA ST model with the hotter cams, giving slightly better performance than the SN. The USA ST model retained the SN paint scheme (which I prefer), but is distinguished by its shorter pipes, vented front and rear brake discs, and front rectangular brake reservoir. I hope you enjoy the photos.


* * * * *

Dave's Katana, GSX (and FZR too)

I've got an '82 1100 Kat which I'm rebuilding (see before and after pics), which was an Italian import into the UK. It was painted Ford 'radiant red' by the previous Italian owner, with some odd striping... but I prefer the standard look.

Then there is my 1980 GSX 1100ET which I have completed, which was another Italian import. It had been imported into the UK in 1990, was fitted with a Marshall 4-into-1 system, and had the wrong mirrors and a GS 1000 front brake reservoir. In addition has a KPH speedo instead of MPH, but it has a converter gearbox on the cable so I've left it. It had been used as everyday and all-weather transport and took some time to sort out! Eventually I collected all necessary bits from all round the world, literally: France, Germany, Holland and the USA, to convert it back to standard UK spec. I got a second-hand 24 litre tank (the Euro. model 1100ETs have a smaller petrol tank), new chainguard, new sidepanels, new seat panel, second-hand headlamp shroud, and secondhand front mudguard. The outer standard exhaust I found in the UK, the centre branch in the US, and then got some new decals and a spray job and it looks a picture!

I have always had a bike since I was 16, then raced various English and Jap bikes in the early seventies... and in 2006 when I bought the 1100ET, I had (and still have) a 1990 Yamaha FZR 1000 EXUP. I had a new in 1100ET in 1980, in black, fitted a Paul Dunstall 4-into-1 short mega system, which saved weight and added about 6HP without altering the carbs — and sounded great!

Apart from the Yam, the 1100ET and the Kat, I've also got (in complete contrast) an MZ TS250 which is a great little bike!


* * * * *

Jaco's Katana

Hi there, my name is Jaco, I'm from South Africa, and this is my baby. Its a 1984 1100 Katana. The motor is basically standard, with a set of ST1 Yoshimura cams, Vinier sprockets, K&N filters, after-market header and can, and rejetted carbs. Its got metallic blue paint, 17" front wheel, widened rear wheel (160 tyre), custom belly pan, and grey\black leather seat. Everything on the bike has been replaced, overhauled, or renewed, except for the motor... it has the "clutch rattle" issue, and has been jumping out of 2nd gear recently, but due to a slight mishap this is about to change!

I raced against a yamaha FZR1000 from a traffic light — much to my amusement I found that I'd dropped him about 1.5 bike-lengths on the launch! Hitting 2nd and still being ahead in the race, I hit about 10.5K RPM... and it jumped out of 2nd gear!! — revving the internals into the future and beyond!! And spitting oil droplets all over the FZR!

Needless to say, the motor was not running well after this. Stripped it down, lucky nothing serious happened. Damaged the rings, broke valve stem seals. The rest of the motor had a bit of wear and tear from all the years. So I'm now busy rebuilding it with 1168 Wiseco pistons, stronger clutch hub, porting the head, balancing trueing and welding the crank, and 4 new gears!!! On the induction side I'm either looking for a set of GSX-R carbs (thanks to your site), or going for 35mm throttle bodies with fuel injection, the latter needing a lot more mods. I'll send some pics of my old turbo GS750 streetfighter, as soon as I can find them.


* * * * *

Kevin's Katana

Kevin — another Perth lad — has been slaving away for quite some time on this machine. Over the last year or so I've had the occasional Kat-related phone query from him, so I figured that whatever was going on he certainly wasn't sitting still! Then the other day some pics arrived in the inbox, so now it's time to show the world the fruit of all his hard work. Says Kevin,

She is an '82 1100 — pretty much stock setup, apart from the braided brake lines and colour scheme. It was completely stripped-down, cleaned and painted, chrome work done, frame powder-coated then reassembled, new nuts & bolts & rubbers, etc. All brakes rebuilt. Fortunately most of the switches/bodywork were in good nick. The only downside was the missing ignition system (many thanks to Rob for his help) and the odd missing spacer that drove me nuts; also a lack of funds to have the motor done properly (helping out the daughter and new grandson seemed more important) so that could lead to a drama or two, maybe. Hopefully she will go for licensing in the next few weeks — can't wait! It has taken about 10 months so far, doing the lot in the shed at home...

* * * * *

Ian's Zooks

Ian's latest project arrives the way most projects do: on a trailer. It joins his '92 Gixxer.

* * * * *

Willem's Katana

Here is the most pristine restoration work you will ever lay your eyes on; what a piece of work! Everything is so cleanly done; it's hard to imagine a neater example of how to fix up a motorcycle.

* * * * *

John's GSX1100E's

John writes,

I've got a little operation [Akron Suzuki Works] going here, mostly focused on rehabbing GS bikes (especially 1100E's) that are still available in numbers in this part of the US due to a confluence of circumstances... starting with 6 months a year of marginal weather, yet more bike registrations than all but Florida, California and Texas, poor maintenance practices by most owners, lean pilot circuits which kept the (poorly stored) bikes from starting, or stator-rectifier wiring gone bad, or yellow waxy build-up on coil primary wiring — you know, all the funky GS issues. The result is a lot of these bikes sit in the back of suburban 3-car garages waiting for me to discover them.

I buy as many good candidates for restoration as I can find, but there is no living in starting with anything too rough. We also do restorations for customers — I've got an 80 1100E [silver specimen pictured above] on the stand now for a full cosmetic re-hab. We wind up re-doing the top end on projects like this, but seldom have to split a case since there are enough candidates around still with good bottom ends and trannies, that it doesn't pay to get dirtier than you have to.

My operation is more like the "minor emergency trauma center" than the "surgical operation center" you guys [in Australia] have. We've found a few tricks to address the noted GS weaknesses, and I pontificate on some of these when I run an auction on eBay — sort of my tech blog. I plan to do an article on the '80 that we're restoring and discuss some reliability improvements we'll be doing on that bike.

The '83 'red baron' is my personal favorite japanese bike — it's part of the 'permanent' collection — permanent until someone comes along with an attractive offer, that is!

* * * * *

Tanya's GSX750

Tanya's hubby Pete has been steadily fixing up this GSX750 for her to ride, in addition to the Ducati 750 she pilots daily. Photographed March 2010 when Pete brought the bike around so's we could attempt to sleuth out a rattle in the top end. Bit by bit the gremlins are being sorted! The paint (expertly applied by a mate of Pete's) is Ford Festiva "Squeeze", a metallic paint which looks *great* and shows off the contours of the bike brilliantly. Cosmetically there are only a few finishing touches left (eg. sidecover badges).

* * * * *

Paul's Katana

I'm a recent (re)convert to Katanas, having bought this one recently after a nearly ten-year 'layoff' dabbling with other Suzukis. It was for sale locally for a great price, and fitted with original exhausts — I couldn't pass it up (besides, my fiance actually encouraged me to grab it, go figure?)

I intend keeping it in its generally original unrestored condition, with perhaps just some minor mechanical and cosmetic updates as required. They don't come along like this very often, especially after 29 years, why mess around with perfection?


Nice acquisition, Paul — it's rare indeed to find a Katana unmolested, and in well-kept original condition.

* * * * *

Peter's Katanas

Yep, all five of them — feast your eyes! In Peter's own words:

I got the first Katana in 2005, when I was really lucky to find a perfect-looking 1100S, and after that I was looking for a pop-up Katana, so I placed an add on the internet if someone had one for sale... and I was lucky again and found a nice pearly-white S3.

At the moment I've got the white S3 in a million pieces for a full rebuild; in the picture the bodywork is already done. I hope to finish it in a few months.

And my collection would not be complete without a grey S4, and an original 750SZ.

The pop-up I bought for spare parts turned out to be one of the Canadian limited editions, one of the 199, but because the bike had an accident the number is gone and I can't retrieve the number, so if I ever want to restore it I will just use my lucky number.

As you can see, I've got a lot of work to do for the next couple of years!

* * * * *

Mario's GSX1100

Thought you might like to have a look at the GSX1100 Iíve just finished restoring/modifying. It has a braced frame, chrome-moly swingarm, Koni shocks, lengthened ZX9R forks/brakes. Handles really nice, as Iíve reduced the weight down to 194kg (no fuel). Motor is near stock with Wiseco high comp. pistons, larger EF inlet valves, some porting, 36mm Mikunis from a 1989 GSXR1100, and a welded crank.


* * * * *

Adrian's GS1000E

... Wiseco 1085cc kit, standard cams, APE head bolts, welded clutch basket, APE high volume oil pump gears, outrigger sprocket cover, Dyna-S ignition with clear cover, modified Harris race pipe and K&N's. The frame is braced and monoshocked with a one-off JMC swing arm, GSX-R wheels, Katana forks, slab yokes and a plain but striking paint job (just my opinion!). All brackets yokes polishing, etc. by my own fair hands!


PS. Yes it is in my living room. I got no garage, lol

* * * * *

Andrew's GS550E

Now here's one sweet little machine.

* * * * *

Leif's Katana & GSX1100 Special

My Katana: Campagnolo 16"wheels, Brembo brake rotors, front forks are 1982 GSX 1100E, ÷hlins shocks at the rear, Kawasaki swing arm, Vance-Hines exhaust, oil-cooler, 33mm Mikunis.

And my other bike I based on 1980-1983 Suzuki components, and did most of it myself: the frame, the swingarm, the tank, the brake rotors, the antidive, and more...

* * * * *

Mark's Katana 1100

A nice original example here.

* * * * *

Steve's Zooks...

A brief history of my bikes...
  1. Suzuki Katana 750, a genuine yellow 750 Kat, 110,000 kms. It was bike #13 of the 30 made & l had the certificate for it as well. Should have kept it but it was very, very, rough!
  2. Suzuki 1000 cc Kat. It made the trip over to run at Bathurst & then I ended up with it. A very nice bike with only 1000 kms when l had it (plus of course the race kms). Sold it to buy a Hailwood Ducati (not a good move).
  3. Suzuki Katana 750, a Japanese import Kat, 13,000 kms. A beautiful bike & went like a dream, only sold it to buy a Mcintosh BR1.
  4. Suzuki Mcintosh BR1. Purchased from original owner with all receipts. The bike has the original Mcintosh frame number & is bike #7 out of the 40 (or so) he made. GSX 1100 powered. I have spent many hours restoring it; still own it.
  5. Suzuki RG 500, purchased new in 85. I have never started it & only took it from the crate in 1995 to look at. It sits in the house much to the wife's disgust. Never had fuel in it or even air in the tyres. Still own it.
  6. Suzuki 1988 GSX-R 1100 Anniversary, 40,000 kms. Great bike, love it, ride it every now & again.

* * * * *

John's GSXR1100...

The old slabbies have always looked good, and are a capable motorcycle into the bargain. Another unbeatable classic from the gents at Hamamatsu.

* * * * *

Craig's GSX1100-powered McIntosh BR1...

Well folks, here's a delicious piece of exotica — feast your eyes.

  • 1985 BR1(Bathurst Replica 1)
  • Yoshimura Stage 1 cams
  • Yoshimura MJN flatslides
  • hand-bent Yoshimura titanium headers onto a custom collector into a Nitro Racing (Japan) titanium muffler (not much mufflering going on though)
  • Akronts on Suzuki hubs
  • 320mm Sunstar Racing floating rotors
  • AP calipers

I found the bike in Japan when I was living there for a few years. It had 1500k's on it from assembly, was originaly sold by Mick Hone and registered in Japan late 80's. When I found it it was pretty good but we repainted due to the fact we found a bloke in Japan who can hand paint decals. Yep! none of the decals on the bike are stickers or transfers, it is all paint including the very fine text on the fuel tank.

This is one of about 50 BR1 chassis built by Ken McIntosh in New Zealand, after Rodger Freeth won Bathurst twice in the early 80's on "factory" McIntosh bikes. Most were sold in Australia through Mick Hone Motorcycles.


* * * * *

Giuseppe's GS450...

OK, it might be the smallest capacity machine in the gallery here, but I couldn't turn Giuseppe down. I mean, the man is in love:

Just bought it. My first bike, but already love it. Perfect conditions, original, no changes, 14.800 km!

Onya Giuseppe — and here's hoping you move onto something bigger in due course, 'coz you'll love it even more!

* * * * *

Marius' GSX1100 race machine...

My GSX1100 specs:
  • 400 Bandit front rims(120/70/17 tyre front and 160/60/17 back no slicks allowed)
  • GSXR750 2001 front callipers
  • GSXR1100 back calliper
  • Adjustable cam timing gears
  • Regrind cams
  • Gas flowed cylinder head, .5mm skimmed off head
  • 1170cc big bore Wiseco kit
  • Ohlin back shocks
  • Modified front shocks
  • Drag handle bars
  • Oil cooler
  • GSX 750 oil pump
  • Undercut gearbox
And that is what our regs allow.
Cheers, Marius.

* * * * *

Al's Katana...

Well, Craig Smith (see GS1000 race bike, above) and his mates have gone and made this excellent Katana, in memory of their recently departed friend, Alan Baker. As far as tributes go, this is hard to beat, eh?

* * * * *

Smithy's GS1000 race bike...

[Here] are some pics of my GS 1000 race bike. Around 150hp at the rear wheel. Race pic from Phillip Island... I will be back at the island next January for the Island Classic. Great meeting!!

Mods are: Brace frame, modded rear end to Pops Yosh specs, 37mm Keihins, 8 plug head, 1220cc Wiseco big bore, flowed head, oversized valves, re-valved front forks, Ohlins rear shocks, Dyna 2000 ignition & coils, Modded cam chain tensioner to Pops Yosh specs, Big valves, big cams, under bucket shims etc etc etc. Goes great and handles well too. Shame about the slow racer on board!!

* * * * *

Colin's GS1000...

Here's how you do it folks — check out this wonderful restoration job. See how everything looks right. This is one handsome machine, oozing sheer classic class out of every pore. A few words from Colin:

Iím really happy... my wife encouraged me to restore this old girl. It truly rides like new, and I guess it should, Iíve either replaced or reconditioned every part, except that amazing bottom end.

* * * * *

Glen's Katana...

1982 1100 jobby. Restored her back in 1999/2000, sold in late 2007. She was actually painted by Sean from Earwig Art, a mate of mine and the previous owner of your Kat if I am not mistaken!

Indeed you're not mistaken, Glen — and it's an excellent custom paintjob, eh. I notice other similarities with my Katana: KR250 indicators on the front scoops, light-grey powdercoated frame, black-painted wheels, lotsa chromed bolts, even the same handlebar grips... a winning formula in my book.

And here's Glen's GSX1166 race machine...

GSX 1166 Period 5 Racebike:

  • Welded crank, WEB cams, race springs, 33mm CRS.
  • Stock but tidied up head and valves
  • Dyna S with rev limiter total loss system.
  • Modded clutch
  • Braced and de-lugged frame.
  • GS1000 37mm forks, flatty bars.
  • z900 CI replica discs gripped by period Brembo 08 calipers, fitted to 17 inch ZXR/GSXR wheel combo with BíStone slicks.
  • GSX tank with GPZ filler.
  • Ducati tail unit
  • Konis
  • GSXR1000 rearsets
  • Old 4 into 1 zorst.
  • Good fun

* * * * *

Fiemo's Katana...

Here it is on the first outing after the rebuild:

And here it is in the kitchen with his mate Dion's Katana:

* * * * *

Geoff's Katana...

I've had my Kat for 8 years, and not even a wife and child gonna make me get rid if it or my endless tinkering in the shed.

That's the spirit!

* * * * *

Phil's Katana...

It's an '83 Katana (purchased 10-1-86 as a 1000; 1170 Wiseco kitted '93). It also runs an 86 GSXR 1100 front end and rear wheel including underslung caliper. Front brake master cylinder is AP Racing, Mikuni 40mm flatslides, K&N pod filters, kevlar clutch, Yoshimura exhaust system, Lockhart oil cooler, rev limiter and custom paint (second time) being 'Metallic Panther Black' (looks more like a charcoal) which is a 1979 Audi colour.

Did quite a few ride days at Eastern Creek '92-'96. Had the engine expire twice coming out of turn 9 both times. First time jumped out of gear just as I was grabbing 2nd at redline; one seriously mashed 3rd cylinder combustion chamber, valves and piston (hence rev limiter). Next time No.1 big end let go (got to stay away from those redlines, and the track).

Had a mate help with the last rebuild, big Maori fellah, not a word of a lie, time to put the engine back in the frame, before I had a chance to do anything he picks the engine up, walks a couple of metres over to the frame, squats down and with a little help from me, after picking my jaw up off the ground, pops that little puppy in.

Well there's a handy workshop tip, folks: make sure you have a Maori mate on hand... 'coz that donk weighs around 70 or 80kg I think...

* * * * *

Rory's GSX1170...

Thought you might appreciate this... it's my big old 1170 gsx.

The front and back are '93 GSX-R kit with wavey disks and braided lines. The frame's had 6 inches removed off the back, as has the seat which is a recovered Guilliari item. The tank has had a modern filler cap fitted. The bike has a one-off loom with std. clocks and switchgear. All unsightly stuff like reflectors, indicators and decals have been removed. The motor is an 1170 with a flowed and ported head, 1mm oversize stainless valves, welded crank, and has external oil feeds to the head and a extra large Earls cooler. It runs a stock box, uprated clutch and breaths through some Mikuni 36mm flatslides and a Harris pipe. I'm just waiting a while before I get some more interesting cams, as am on stock ones at the moment.

I think thats everything... Oh yes, it used to run a 1500 big block which was mad.

* * * * *

Ian's GS1000SN...

Ian has been steadily working away at this machine, a '79 SN:

"[I have now] rebuilt the clutch basket ... and, like you, I am really happy with the result. I've also replaced my Boyer-Bransden ignition (which died for some unknown reason) with a Dynatech Dyna S DS3-2 unit, and am also happy with the result. The only tip I have is that it would be cheaper to buy it from the States than get it from a local bike shop through the Aussie distributor ($150USD + shipping as opposed to $265AUD at the local bike shop).

"Finally I've managed to track down a new seat (the old one is a stepped type — yuk, see photo — with buggered foam) from cmsnl.com. The cost was huge... but having experienced the benefits of new seats on a resto I did of a '76 waterbottle, I'm looking forward to resting my backside on the new one."

* * * * *

Chris' Katana...

Here's my kat-1134 big bore, bandit12 front end, braced arm, straight thru pipe,dyna, blah blah blah, kats are ace!

* * * * *

Mark's GS1000ST...

"This is my daily rider, in (as far as I know) original condition. It recently did a trip from Brisbane to Biloela (via the Burnett Hwy), Biloela to Banana (via the Dawson Hwy), and Banana back to Brisbane (via the Leichhardt Hwy) in two days — and did not miss a beat. Definitely the best bike I have ever owned."

* * * * *

Graeme's GSX1100 Racer...

Dunno what they've got in the water over there in 'The Land Of The Long White Cloud', but whatever it is they keep on turning out amazing motorcycles — be it the Britten V-twin, or Burt Munro and his record-breaking Indian. Well Graeme has been lucky enough to snare this piece of motorcycling history. Maybe not as illustrious as the aforementioned legends, but displaying the usual load of Kiwi innovation and know-how that we have come to expect.

"The bike was built in the early 80's featuring a carbon fibre chassis, and was built for Dave Hiscock to do the world Formula 1 series. The previous year, a similar-styled monocoque aluminium chassis machine was built, on which he finished third in the series. He didn't do so well on the carbon bike, as he crashed early on, and then his brother was killed racing..."

Graeme has also included a picture of the builder of the bike, Steve Roberts:

* * * * *

Uffe's Katana...

Well when this photo dropped into my Inbox I was speechless. So we'll let Uffe speak:

I had restored my Kat during the winter and also a bit of the season, recently on road again, after a crash last year. It was an original -82 except the engine that I have given a boost...

  • Wiseco 1168
  • WebCam 168
  • Machined/ported head
  • 28.5mm inlet valves
  • HD camchain
  • APE tensonier
  • Welded crank
  • Barnet clutch springs
  • Dyna 2000 ignition inc. coils and wires
  • Mikuni RS38 carbs
  • V&H CO 4-1 (rare)
  • front and rear end from a -95 GSXR750
  • Instrument from Koso
  • 10-row oil cooler by Trendab Motorsport

* * * * *

Jezza's '85 GSX750 'pop up'...

... so-called because these tasty little beasties come with an electric pop-up headlight. Now I'm happy to stand corrected, but I don't think there's another production model in the world that sports a pop-up headlight, is there? Anyway, if you want to read up a bit more about these interesting models, check out the write-up on the Katana Central website here. Says Jezza:

Here's my '85 GSX750 pop up (Australian issue). Just about ready for painting. Forks have been rebuilt. Wheels, brakes, engine, frame, forks, bars, master cylinders all repainted. Genuine decals & pinstripes have been carefully reproduced. New clutch slave cylinder, new brakes. Carbies balanced. R1 muffler. Dash calibrated with blue LEDs fitted. Original Japanese tail lights fitted (not used in Australia). New tyres, new genuine glove compartment covers & mirrors. Engine is stock.

These bikes are getting harder to find in an unmolested state, so I decided to hold back on the cosmetic upgrades as in my business [Youngs Motorcycle Dismantlers] I will find another to enhance. I'll send more pics when shes painted.

* * * * *

Russell's GS1000 and GS1100...

The first bike is a '78 GS1000 which Russell imported from the States in 1988 — "not original but I like her like that". Yep, not bad at all. The second machine is a very recent purchase; as you can see, it's come with quite a few modifications already: Kawasaki front end, monoshock rear. Less desirable is the previous owners' attempt to produce an 'Eddie Lawson' seat, and there's also a heee-yooge aircraft filler cap on the tank, the size of a small dinner plate. Russell has got another tank and seat on the way...

* * * * *

Echucabike's GS1000S...

Here we have the '79 (SN, blue & white) and '80 (ST, red & white) models side by side.

* * * * *

The most bog-stock Katana of them all?

Spotted at a popular motor museum (Whiteman Park) north of Perth here in Western Australia, by my GSX1150EF-riding mate, Paul. Short of a Katana that is actually still in the original crate, they just can't come more original and schmick than this, can they?

* * * * *

Andreps' Katana

Andrep's Katana might be less than standard (and who am I to point the finger!), but doesn't that yellow striping set off the classic lines of the bodywork nicely? Then again, it might just be me who has a thing for black & yellow paint schemes...

* * * * *

Quintin's GS1000G

They don't come much more original than this beautie. Original pristine paint as well! Glorious.

* * * * *

Craig's GS1000G

Ah yes, the mighty shaftie, the original mile-eater. Looks to be original except for the Vetter fairing, paint, seat cover & exhausts. Craig says he's got some carbie cleaning to do, as well as fixing intake and exhaust leaks.

* * * * *

Adam's GS1000S

Specs and work done as follows:
  • Wiseco 1170 kit
  • Katana 1100 carbs
  • UniFilter
  • new brakes front and rear
  • new rear tyre
  • new fairing and instrument cluster
  • new starter motor and starter clutch
  • new rear shocks

* * * * *

Don's GS1000S

So what has Don done to get such a tasty result? In his own words:

"... paintjob [is] original execpt for the fairing as its had a little ding with the previous owner. ... The engine has 1085 Wiseco kit, ported head, 1mm o/s stainless valves (Kawasaki),stage 1 Yoshi cams, polished/ welded/ balanced crank, welded 2nd gear, under-cut gears, larger springs and rivets in clutch. ... It runs Kayaba race shocks (notice they're "upside down"), Mackintosh swing arm, 4.25x18/ 2.50x18 rims, a GSX 550 ESD front guard that bolts straight on with only little cuts to clear the brake line brakets. ... 29mm smoothbore carbies, Tingate exhaust and K&N air filter ... The cams are dialed in at 106 degrees for grunt and it makes 105 hp but has a large dip in the midrange, but you don't worry about it as it has the grunt to pull thru it."

* * * * *

Jake's GS1000S

Says Jake,

... when it comes to perfection, you just cant beat the older technology. If I were offered a brand new GSX1300R Hayabusa for a clean swap, I would bluntly decline.

Couldn't have put it better myself. Although having recently ridden a mate's Hayabusa, I've gotta say it's a pretty awesome motorcycle.

* * * * *

Kev's Katana & GSX

Another schmick Katana and, while we're at it, a neat old GSX as well.

* * * * *

Arnout's Katana & EFE

Arnout carried out a fair bit of work on this Katana: engine mods, cosmetics, chassis, the lot. You can visit Arnout's site here and find out what he's been doing with his other machines as well. And find out how to do the home engineering thing better yourself.

So, forget Don Quixote! THIS is the ideal steed for tilting at windmills...

But sadly Arnout came home one day last year, and some thieving scum had nicked his Katana. This would have left most of us broken-hearted for months — but not Arnout. He immediately bought a tatty old 1150EFE, and set to work doing the usual trademark Arnout modifications: Thunderace swingarm, USD front forks and up-to-date stopping gear, not to mention all the careful cosmetic work along the way. The end result? Judge for yourself (but it is very tasty ):

* * * * *

Martin's GS1000S

A lovely specimen, eh? And look at that seat, what a work of art.

Now there's a bit of a storybehind this particular GS1000S. As you may have already read on my GS1000S page, I got it into my head to buy a GS1000S after seeing one in the late 1980s, on display in the front window of a Sydney motorcycle wrecker. The poor machine had been dredged from the floor of Sydney Harbour, and was encrusted with coral and other harbour crud. Let's allow Martin to take up the story...

Hello there,
I came across your website... and read that you were inspired to buy a GS1000S after seeing one in the window of a Sydney motorcycle wrecker. If that wrecker was Trevor Love Motorcycles, then chances are the GS1000S that I own is the very same bike. They restored it around 1993, and used it as a showpiece for the business.
Thought you might be (mildly) interested to know the bike lives, if it is the same one.

Well, I thought, I'm more than "mildly interested"! Only problem is, the bike I saw in the wrecker's window was red/white, not blue/white. Martin emailed back with this:

The plot thickens because although my GS is blue, it was originally red. I'm from Brisbane, but when I bought it I was given a rundown on the bike's Sydney origins... it even appeared in an edition of "Streetbike" magazine (the date of which, 1993, gave me the indication that that was the date of restoration, but who knows?), which was given to me with the bike. It's unmistakeable from the one in the mag largely because of its... chrome plated swingarm.
I only bought it last August, and in that time I've had to buy a new sump plate, fit a new head gasket, solve the same electrical problems you had with your GS, and I've just discovered a crack in the crankcase which I'm fixing at the moment. I'll be happy to send you a photo when it's in a suitably photogenic condition. It looks pretty good though actually... original mufflers and all.

Small world, eh?

* * * * *

Max's Katanas

Q: What's better than a Katana? A: Three Katanas.
Says Max, "I love me Kats!" And Fournales shock absorbers too, by the look of it!

* * * * *

Axle's Katana

A fresh restoration, with GSX-R running gear, all very neatly done. You can just see the power in this thing, can't you?

* * * * *

Peter's Katana

Now here is one tasty bit of kit: that black satin finish looks absolutely smashing. Reminds you of the Yoshimura Katana, eh?

* * * * *

Andrew's Katana

Very original, and freshly imported into Australia from Japan. Seen here just after being unloaded off the boat.

* * * * *

Ernie's GS1000S

What a great old bus these things are. Like me, Ernie regrets ever selling it.

* * * * *

Dave's Katana

Neat as a pin, some great mods. Fournales shocks, fork brace, Brembo discs & calipers, Lockhart oil cooler. Neat grabrail, too.

* * * * *

Greg's Katana

The big Kat in its element, taking a breather by the side of the open road. If ever there was a bike made for open-road blasting, the Katana is it.

* * * * *

So, got a Katana you'd like to share with us all? Or maybe a GS1000S, or some other Big Zook? Feel free to a JPG image, and before too long I should have it posted at the top of the page.

* * * * *

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