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Photo gallery of 'The Flying Banana'

Photos of other Katanas and Big Zooks sent in to me from around the world


Links to tech articles by me

D.I.Y. muffler — it's not as difficult as you'd reckon

Making your own air filter element

Is bleeding the air from that anti-dive brake system driving you bonkers?

Want to pay less for your bearings?

A bit of a rave about dynos, air-fuel ratios, and jetting

The Achilles' Heel of the GS/GSX machines is the electrical system

Article on oil-cooler theory and installation

The current set-up for my Katana's oil cooler

The mini-saga of the Kat's top-end rebuild

Another mini-saga of the Kat's overall renovation

The other mini-saga of the GS1000ST's top-end rebuild

Article on installing GSX-R carburettors — yeah baby!

Making sure a broken clutch-basket backing plate doesn't ruin your engine

The tank repainting saga here. And you thought the No.1 lesson was 'preparation'? Hah!

And now, a few lawnmowers. Why not?

A few random tech tips.


Links to bikes and projects I have had (or still have)

Yamaha DX100 page

Kawasaki z400 page

Yamaha XJ550 page

Suzuki GS1000SN (1979) page

Kawasaki GPz900R page

Suzuki GS1000ST (1980) page

Kawasaki ZX-9R page

GS1000SN project page

Suzuki TC120

Suzuki GP125

Eliminator Speed Boat

Suzuki GS1000G

1967 Ford Fairlane

Jaguar XJ6 engine rebuild


Mad-but-true tales from my biking past

The story of my spectacular bike prang

A few thoughts on death, the universe & everything

Nov. 2005 bike trip with a bunch of hairy mates to the Stirling Ranges

Nov. 2006 bike trip to Augusta

Oct. 2007 bike trip to Wave Rock

Nov. 2008 bike trip to Walpole

May 2009 bike trip to Hamelin Bay

Jan. 2010 bike trip to Walpole

Oct. 2010 bike trip to Hamelin Bay

Apr/May 2011 bike trip to Coalmine Beach

Oct. 2011 bike trip to Peaceful Bay

Nov. 2012 bike trip to Windy Harbour

Feb. 2014 bike trip to Peaceful Bay

May/Jun 2015 bike trip to Hamelin Bay... and Beyond


Links page

Downloads page

You might find a few things for sale here. Then again, you might not


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